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Extended Reviews: Bob Harris, Dear friend and Baha'i scholar

Your book completely transformed my fast during which I had time to read it. The beautifully told stories of heroism and suffering of the Baha'is in Nayriz were brought to life in such a way that I personally felt they were truly my brothers and sisters. This book will be a part of my heirloom collection of books that I shall pass on to my family. The fact that Hussein was born and raised in Nayriz, a sixth generation Babi and that Hillary, a fourth generation Baha'i, are both distinquished Baha'i scholars, enabled you to amass a great deal of information, facts, dates, and names in a way that invites one to learn even more about our distinquished forbearers. Dorothy Nelson, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit and Former Member, National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States

I should first congratulate you for producing such an engaging and well-written book and for producing such a magnificent bibliography for it. There is no doubt that your book will be well-received and will have a wide circulation both within and outside Bahá'í community… Iraj Ayman Ph.D., Bahá'í Scholar, Visiting Professor of Education and Management UCLA, Coordinator of Iran Colloquium

Congratulations on this achievement! What occurred at Nayriz merits the applause of the entire world. Kiser Barnes, Member of the Universal House of Justice

I just had a look at the Nayriz website and was delighted to see this excellent addition to the Bahá'í history. Thank you. I was also glad to learn that you, as always, are confirmed in the path of service. As I look at the photos, I was reminded on an unforgettable journey I made, along with a friend, to Nayriz many years ago. We visited the main Bahá'í places including the fortresses on the mountain top and had a most remarkable time with the friends in Nayriz, the relatives of those early heroes, heroines, and martyrs of the Faith… Hossein Danesh MD, Founder and President, International Education for Peace Institute

Congratulations on completing this important undertaking--no doubt, it is of great significance for all those interested in the history of our beloved Faith…Manuchehr Derakhshani, Bahá'í Scholar

I will study the contents of the website and eagerly await getting my hands on this tome which I'm sure will enhance and add to the ever increasing body of historical records which continue to enrich our understanding of our mysteriously awe inspiring Faith…Shahab Fatheazam ,Managing Director, Lincoln International

I am delighted to receive the manuscript about the Bábi and Bahá'í history of your native city Nayriz. Although in Persian we have had some literature on this subject, but your book in English complements the brief account of the subject such as those by Moojan Momen…Hooshmand Fatheazam, Former Member of the Universal House of Justice

I have been going through the website, history, the family tree and enjoying it. What a story, from Nayriz to New York ... I love it !… Farzad Ghassemi, President of Wireless Network Solutions Inc., Washington DC

…What a great model you have created for families to document their history. It is an inspiration for generations to come. Just brilliant!... Robert Harris, Senior Executive, SCC, Florida, Bahá'í Scholar

I have great appreciation for the work you are compiling. I look especially forward to sharing these stories, the legacy of Shafi which is new to me, with my biological & spiritual children. Thank you for your dedicated, loving scholarship…Nwandi Lawson, Producer, Georgia Public Broadcasting

The website is brilliant!!! What an excellent, unprecedented and ingenious idea to bring together the tablets and prayers written for people in one place, to have them translated and chanted, to relate that to a narrative history of those people. You can understand what revelation means socially and practically this way...what is being said to people who have concrete relationships one to another and have experienced similar events and tribulations. And what a wealth of previously untranslated material! It is easily one of the best "books" about Bahá'í history. Thank you!!!! Franklin Lewis Ph.D., Associate Professor of Persian and Near Eastern Languages, University of Chicago

The Website is great. It turned out to be better than what I ever imagined. Your book and the Website will undoubtedly help to immortalize our ancestors who devoted their entire lives to promote the Faith, they dearly loved. The book and the Website will be unique sources of information for our present and future generations about the glorious life histories of our ancestors. Congrats on the job well done!!!!! Iraj Misaghi Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, University of California

The site is thorough, comprehensive, informative, engaging and educational beyond belief. No stones have been left unturned and it looks like a life's worth of work has gone into this. I love the simple and effective navigation and design aspects which are so key to a website's usefulness as a tool…Shidan Majidi, Director, Producer of Broadway Shows, New York City

You have my very best wishes for the success of your efforts to publish the manuscript, which is on a subject of great importance and interest to the Bahá'í community… Glenford Mitchell, Former Member of the Universal House of Justice

I love the website. It is quite wonderful. Great piece of work! Dorothy Marcic Ph.D., Fulbright Scholar, Professor, Vanderbilt University

Many congratulations for this great achievement. I am sure it gives you enormous satisfaction to see that all the years of work that you put into this project has now borne fruit. The materials that are on the web site are quite impressive. Allow me to once more congratulate you for this great success…Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam, Bahá'í Scholar, Researcher, Bahá’í World Centre, Haifa, Israel, M.A. in History, University of Copenhagen

I love it! You have done a marvelous job! Everything, background and the story telling style, presentation of the historical background and so on, is beautifully done. Checked the sources and they have a lot more than I have ever seen! Wish you all the best of luck and THANK YOU for availing this book to me!... Parviz Milani, Bahá'í Scholar, Writer, Stockholm, Sweden

Your love for the land of your ancestors is clearly reflected in your interesting comments and commentaries. Shoghi Effendi urged the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran, when the Assembly was dividing the country, for delegate election purposes, into electoral units, based on geographical provinces, to give Nayriz and its outlying localities a separate and independent status as an independent "qismat-i-amri". This showed the beloved Guardian's hope and intention that Nayriz would autonomously develop and advance, both spiritually and administratively, and not just be an appendage, in terms of Bahá'í administration, to the rest of the Province of Fars.

Dearest Hussein, May the spirit of your revered and illustrious ancestors always guide your steps, pave the way for your ever-greater achievements, and enable you to witness the full and complete realization of your highest hopes and aspiration in the path of His love!... Ali Nakhjavani, Former Member of the Universal House of Justice

It was for me a rare and special honor, a spiritual delight, and a bounty from heaven to have read your beautifully written and lucid manuscript. It is a testament for all time and for all generations.

None but the finest qualities of intellect, spirituality, perseverance and devotion would have qualified you and your able co-author to undertake the penning of this outstanding work. Future historians will reference it, those who are devoted to the Cause will find their faith refreshed by it, and generations of Ahdiehs to come will remember you in prayer and thanksgiving as they peruse it for the first time. I have for you profound love and admiration…Michael L. Penn Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness to share this amazingly wonderful news of the Nayriz history and your long expected presentation of such educational and wonderful historical display….

Awakening is the most appropriate title of the book which we eagerly look forward to the pleasure of studying it. Asfaw Tessema, Secretary of National Spiritual Assembly of Ethiopia

Thank you so much for sending me this amazing site. I am so thrilled to begin to read the diary of Mulla Muhammad Shafi, already on a quick skim through I came across aspects of the history of Nayriz which Adib would recount to us, it is wonderful to read this from another perspective. Thank you so so much for presenting this in English. Lesley Taherzadeh, Bahá'í Scholar, Writer

I DID look at the website, which is fantastic!.... It's a great book, Fascinating ! Christopher G. White Ph.D., Professor of Religion in America, Vassar College

…Congratulations on your great accomplishment. Most probably your Nayriz ancestors were watching over you as you made them proud of what you have done…Nabil Hanna, Writer

I am very grateful for sharing the news of this highly significant work of yours and your colleague Hillary Chapman. The blessed souls of those beloved of God who sacrificed their precious lives and those who suffered untold persecutions now feel celestial joy in the Abha paradise, are thankful to you and your colleague for keeping their legacy alive for generations to come, who in turn are also grateful. Parviz Hatami, former staff member at Baha'i World Center

I bought this lovely book as soon as it was available, and am in the middle of reading it. I am especially appreciative of the coverage given to dear Khadijih Bagum. Mary K. Makoski, Northeast Regional Council

It is with warm appreciation that I acknowledge the receipt of a copy of your book. Congratulation for the completion of the project and thank you so much for your kindness of sending this servant a copy. May the Ancient Beauty continue to bless your life. Firaydoun Javaheri, Member, Universal House of Justice

Awakening is such an important contribution to modern Baha'i Studies. It is wonderful how much more material has become available to scholars in the relatively short period since Mr Balyuzi's study of Browne -- which I always think of as the starting point for the modern period of Baha'i Studies. Many, many thanks! Prof. Peter Smith, Bangkok,Thailand

I congratulate your success in having your research about Nayriz and the atrocities suffered by the Babi and Baha’i communities of that city published in collaboration with Hillary Chapman. The bibliography and the Index make the book fit for researchers. Altogether you have produced a very respectable monograph. Professor Ehsan Yarshater, Chief Editor, Encyclopedia IRANICA

Congratulations on the accomplishment of this book. What a wonderful contribution to the tapestry of history of those courageous early believers. Donald Streets, Former Associate Dean, School of Education, University of Massachusetts

Congratulations for having been able to finally publishing the Nayriz book, and what an enticing title! I hope the publisher will be able to have a limited deluxe edition of this book in hard copy, and more enduring—less acidic—paper. The promotional devices for the book, as well, is excellent and a reflection of your well-refined taste for literature and for preserving a cultural heritage. Bijan Bayzaee, Coordinator, Persian Affairs Office, National Baha'i Center

دوست ارجمندم جناب حسین عهدیه

دریافت کتاب مستطاب بیداری، تاریخ بابیان و بهائیان نی ریز به واقع چشمم را روشن ساخت. در تورقی که کرده ام آن را کتابی یافتم جامع و کامل و ارزنده که زیبایی متن و ظاهر را با هم دارد. چاپ در کمال زیبایی و با سلیقهء خاصی انجام شده و بر ارزش کتاب می افزاید. توفیق روزافزون شما را آرزومندم و امیدوارم در صدد نشر فارسی کتاب هم باشید. دریغ است این اثر بدیع به دست ایرانیان از بهائی و غیر بهائی نرسد.

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